Honda invents airbag case to protect your smartphone

Honda may have invented the ultimate iPhone accessory.

The Japanese automaker has found a way to incorporate airbags into a rather bulky smartphone shell called the Case N.

The large case is designed so six small airbags inflate right before the phone slams into the ground, thus preventing a shattered screen.

A YouTube video about the case shows a man examining a number of smartphones with spider-webbed screens. Looking at a photo of himself and his cat on a cracked phone, the man becomes inspired to find a way to protect devices that are dropped.

The man tries a couple of different things before coming up with Case N.

He then demonstrates his creation, holding up his phone securely fastened in the case and letting it fall to the ground. The airbags are deployed at the right time, and the phone bounces as it hits the ground without being harmed.


But don’t expect to see Case N in stores anytime soon. The video is actually part of a clever marketing plan to promote Honda’s new N-WGN mini car, Discovery News reported.

However, Apple has actually applied for a patent for a “self-righting” mechanism that would “selectively alter a center of mass of” an iPhone so it doesn’t break when dropped, according to Gizmag.

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