2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Revealed in Japan

Already available as a plug-in hybrid in the United States, the Honda Accord is set to hit the North American market as a non-PHEV hybrid as well. Not exactly breaking news, but the fact that the vehicle has been already revealed in Japan is.

Why? Well, rumor has it the US market Accord Hybrid won’t sport the plug-in version’s design, which can be seen on the Japanese non-PHEV pictured above, but rather cross the ocean with regular Accord styling.

Getting back to our Japanese hybrid, the vehicle stands out when compared to the plug-in version thanks to its front grille-mounted blue trim and blue-hued headlights. In addition, the non-PHEV will be powered by Honda’s first two-motor hybrid system that uses a 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle inline-four and 124 kW electric motor combo and a 105 kW electric unit for power generation.

Total output is rated at 196 HP and the range is expected to be as high as 49 mpg city and 45 mpg highway. Scheduled to be built in Ohio, the non-plug-in Accord Hybrid should have a starting price of almost $30,000.

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