2013 Honda Accord comes packed with industry-leading standard features, priced at $21,680


The release of 2013 Honda Accord was the company’s biggest launch that paved the way to its dominance in the world of cars. The ninth generation Accord goes beyond what was expected of it outperforming luxury vehicles like Lexus, BMW and Mercedes. Not only does it sport a considerably powerful engine, Honda also adorned it with industry-leading standard features as well as high-tech gadgetry. Car reviewers and roadtest drivers has given 2013 Honda Accord positive ratings and feedback saying it is living higher than the hype it has built prior to its release.

2013 Honda Accord Notable Features

One of the people who have road tested Honda’s new baby was Chris Kelly of VehicleTests.com. According to him, the newest Accord is one of the cars in the market that represent best value-for-dollar. While he lauded the manufacturer for giving the car a huge and powerful engine, he couldn’t resist not to give more emphasis on the features saying that at $21,680, every possible feature an owner might wish is already integrated into the car. Here are some of the most notable features Honda Accord 2013 has.

Honda LaneWatch – For safety, Honda put a camera that displays blind-spot on the Multi-Information Display (i-MID); you will be able to see what’s in the passenger-side roadway. Basically, with 9th generation Honda Accord, you can see everything even if you’re on the driver’s seat.

Lane Departure Warning System – Unless a turn signal is on, drivers of this car would always be hearing alerts if he or she is drifting away from his/her lane. Honda uses cameras for this feature to make sure it is accurate and gives alerts real-time.

Forward Collision Warning System – This is one of the most important features Honda has put into 2013 Accord. This system basically, alerts the driver if he or she is closing in too fast on the car ahead to avoid possible collision and devastating road mishaps.

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink – This comes with cool hands-free phone interface with SMS text messaging function to prevent so much distraction while driving.

Other Safety Features – Among many safety features this car boasts about are four-wheel anti-lock braking system, front and rear head airbags, dual front side-mounted airbags, emergency braking assist, head restraint whiplash protection for both the driver and passenger, electronic brake force distribution, tire pressure monitoring, and stability and traction control.

More Muscles – The 2013 Accord comes in eight different trim levels, from the standard LX to the EXL, including the all-new Sport and top-of-the-line Touring models, according to a report from NY Daily News. People who want to get a unit of this car will have two engine options to choose from including 2.4L four-cylinder with 185 horsepower and the six-cylinder with 278 horsepower. The latter will outperform luxury vehicles like Lexus ES, BMW 328i or Mercedes Benz C Class.

Maximum Soundproofing – Despite the fact that Accord comes with a powerful engine that could roar so loud, the cabin remains so quiet due to excellent soundproofing technology used in it.  “The new Accord measures in at an exceptional 56 decibels. It was amazing to see the amount of soundproofing that Honda put into the vehicle,” says Kelly citing that the car comes in 9 decibels lower than normal conversation volume.

Economical – Accord 2013 was listed with 35-miles-per-gallon fuel consumption but Kelly said that speeding up to 60 miles per hour with cruise-control on, a gallon of fuel can go way beyond 35 miles but he couldn’t disclose the figure for legal reasons.

Honda Accord has been one of the best-selling cars in the United States simply because each model was released with up-to-date features, powerful engine, packed with safety features, etc. The 2013 Honda Accord could be the perfection of the previous models.

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